Pack and Track Systems

About Pack and Track System:

Our Pack and Track System Provides the traceability of every packed product. Depending on the requirements, it can be customised to track products from starting from primary packing to warehouse, distribution network or up to the end user.

Features Include:

  • Centralised data collection from multiple production lines.
  • Capturing Production data and Printing of Barcode labels in real time.
  • Real time data Monitoring System.
  • MS SQL or MY SQL storage for production data
  • Barcoded

Barcode Printing

Each Product is labelled with a unique barcode. Using this unique barcode ID, and the timestamp at each tracking station(barcode scanner), each and every product will be seamlessly tracked and associated with its inspection data.

At PSS we develop Labelling and printing solution no matter what your line of business or industry is. We'll deliver a complete system that fits the specific needs of your application and your budget. Our years of experience delivering complex solutions across industries mean that you'll get a comprehensive solution and a trouble-free implementation, guaranteed.